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Savanna prides itself on curating textiles that are sourced and manufactured with predominantly organic, high-quality fabrics, creating unique timeless and sustainable fashion pieces.

We strongly believe in promoting traditional rich textile cultures from around the world, encapsulating techniques such as hand weaving to bring you natural and non-synthetic fabrics.

Our limited synthetic apparels are made from recycled fabrics, helping reduce the negative impact on the environment.

We are helping to empower local communities by sourcing our materials, fabrics and textiles from those with the most intimate knowledge of traditional making in West Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia.

Over 30% of our collections are made to order, and also up-cycled thus helping us control production and reduce waste and excess.

All our clothing and accessories are proudly made in our atelier in the UAE.

At the centre of Savanna is the ethos of creating season-less collections in minimal production, bringing you bold traditional and ethical high grade fabrics, to create clothing for the modern undaunted woman.