We, at Savanna want to represent the alliance between the beauty of ethnicity and the new age by creating unique clothes.
We create season-less collection in a minimal production. Each piece is thought in details.
We handpick the highest grade of fabric cotton, linen or silk.
We study the flow and the fall, the structure and softness while designing contemporary outfits that embrace the feminine self. Some of our pieces include rare hand woven fabrics from the highest grade.
From as early as 5th century, different African societies have been producing simple but yet beautiful textiles and we are the continuity of this tradition. 
We strongly believe in promoting traditional techniques such as hand weaving to bring to you natural and non-synthetic textiles. 
We believe that the human body is a sacred space. You only want the most pure, the most natural and the most beautiful fabric and design to touch your skin. 
We are helping to empower local communities by sourcing our materials, fabrics and textiles from those with the most intimate knowledge of traditional making in West Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia.
Our goal is to bring alive the timeless traditions of quality garment heritage to your collection to help you acquire a tastefully curated look.
Our other sources of inspiration include world traditional clothing, cultural patterns and we have a special affection for cotton Wax print due to the African heritage of our designer.
We  consider that our clothes reflect not just our tastes or choices, but also our identities and our cultures.
Each capsule collection is a quest for combining the modern with the traditional, is an invitation to a journey, to an ancient past or a destination.
Born in Dakar Senegal, Eliane Sarr lived in France, Senegal and is now settled in Dubai. She used to work in the world of finance but was always passionate about the beauty of textiles and collected them from her travels since a very young age.

Eliane works around capsule collections inspired by her dreams and visions, and she creates "Art-a-Porter" outfits for every moments. She is a passionate designer, attracted by the materiality of textiles, in the shape of each woman, and the aesthetics of patterns in the different cultures around the world.
Four years ago she created Savanna in the heart of her home in Dubai. 
When designing, she starts from the fabric and imagine the outfit from the material itself.
She believes that heritage and modernity can come together to give birth to a contemporary outfit that offers comfort and self-expression.